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  1. The Syrian Conflict
    - Some Muslims have linked the war in Syria to the signs of the end of the world. Is this true?
    - What can Singaporean Muslims do to support the innocent and suffering Muslims in Syria?
    - Is fighting in Syria an act of jihad?
    What do Muslim scholars say about fighting in Syria?
    - Is it necessary for Singaporean Muslims to go to Syria and be involved in the conflict?
  2. Konflik di Syria (in Malay)
    - Adakah berjuang di Syria dianggap sebagai jihad?
    - Adakah perlu untuk orang - orang Islam Singapura pergi ke Syria dan terlibat dalam ko nflik nya?
    - Apa kata ulama Islam tentang p erjuang an di Syria?
    - Sesetengah orang Islam telah mengaitkan peperangan di Syria kepada tanda - tanda akhir zaman. Adakah ia benar?
  3. Official Opening of RRG Resource & Counselling Centre on 11 July 2014.

Who we are.


RRG is an acronym for the Religious Rehabilitation Group

The RRG is a voluntary group formed by individual ulama and asatizah (Islamic scholars and teachers) community in Singapore, primarily towards performing counselling works on the detained Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) members. The main objective of the RRG is towards countering the ideological misunderstanding of the JI members through counselling. The RRG was formed and officially launched on 23 April 2003.

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